Running Vexi

This page covers running Vexi from the command line.

The basic structure of the command is:

java -jar vexi.jar [options] [sources]

The sources are a list of a combination of directories, ‘.vexi’ archives, or URLs in which Vexi can find vexicode templates (files with a ‘.t’ extension) and other resources (e.g. image files).

Options are prefixed by a '-' (dash) and must be specified before sources.

-t <template>

Set the template to execute using VML-style resource syntax — default is 'main'

-l <level>

Set core logging level to { debug, info (default), warn, error, silent }

-l rpc

Log all XML-RPC and SOAP conversations

-l host:port

Emit log to TCP socket

-l <file>

Write log to a file on disk


“Hot replace“ updated templates during the application lifecycle


Start with vexiscript property ‘vexi.debug’ set to ‘true’ (otherwise ‘false’


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